DEEP has as its core, a strong commitment to improving the standards of health by strengthening the existing health care systems, by collaborating and partnering with the public and private partnerships in a meaningful engagement to help eradicate avoidable, unnecessary diseases through education and prevention.

Rural Healthcare


The trust has been active in the fields of Rural Healthcare through it’s Mother and Child initiative called MAITREE that bridges the gap between the frontline health worker and the beneficiary who in this case is an expecting mother. The initiative helps to increase institutional deliveries and thereby reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality.

For School childrens


The oral cavity is the gateway for the general health. School children are screened for their oral health needs and DEEP in turn refers them to the willing dentists to provide dental care free of cost to the children.

In Rural Areas


DEEP Gram Clinics- Lack of doctors in the rural areas affects the health of the people in the hinterland. It also has an impact on the health outcomes of the various programs by the government. Accessibility, affordability and accountability are the factors that drive the health sector. Unfortunately the poor functioning of the facilities are evident by the poor numbers of the health indicators like MMR, IMR, U5MR etc. Deep Trust works along side the government health sector by actively engaging the informal health workers like the RMP,s etc, who dot the rural landscape as they are the first point of contact for many a rural health care needs.

For Families


DEEP is in the forefront of assisting organizations to help serve their members and their employees to take care of themselves and in turn their families. DEEP in collaboration with the Andhra Pradesh police proactively screened the entire police force of the Vijayawada for detecting, educating and referring the police for their healthcare needs. These preventive camps are comprehensive in nature and shed light on the benefits of preventive care with the results being analyzed for the early detection. DEEP then helps the organization institute measures that reduces their spend on the healthcare of their employees.


Our Collaborators